I recently learned that it’s part of my Human Design to have strong opinions about things and share those opinions.

And at the same time, my inner child has this strong desire for everyone in the tribe to like me. Go figure.

I’ve often thought life would be easier for…

Reclaiming data sovereignty during the global pandemic

I’m moving. Digitally, that is.

I’m moving away from some of the biggest data hoarders, those with data-based power that is way out of proportion to the level of privacy protection and user controls that they provide (e.g., Amazon, Google, Facebook).

To me…

A personal reflection in times of uncertainty

What is home?

I have moved house 13 times in the last 20 years, with the last five years being largely nomadic. And lately I’ve been looking a bit deeper into what home means to me.

The past few years, I’ve made my…

The last week of April 2020 is when my two-decades-long relationship with Amazon started to rapidly unravel and then implode. As a self-published author with a book on their platform, I became aware of some business practices of theirs, which pushed an already tenuous connection with them into the zero-tolerance…

Free delivery is costing us our conscience

I have had a stable, relatively pleasant relationship with Amazon for nearly two decades. Why break up with them now?

There are many reasons to raise an eyebrow at Amazon’s business culture and practices. And yet, we tend to turn a blind eye…

There are lots of things that are being shed and buried during these change times. One thing that I’d be happy to leave behind in the “before” is the idea of competition. Competition is an old-paradigm concept. Because competition is rooted in scarcity.

Competition is based on the idea that…

Wendy May

Purpose pathlight. Conscious biz coach. New paradigm pioneer. Author, speaker and activist for Regenerative Purpose.

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