COVID-19: Truth and interdependence

If you are saying there’s no point in worrying or feeding the fear monster in these uncertain times… You’re absolutely right.

If you are saying we need to stay home and wash our hands and keep distance from each other… You’re absolutely right.

If you believe that everything that’s happening is unfolding in perfect order as part of a higher plan… You’re absolutely right.

If you feel deep grief that life as we know it on this planet will not and cannot ever be the same again… You’re absolutely right.

Whether COVID-19 is the biggest public health crisis we have ever faced, or the most elaborate media hoax we have ever fallen for, or something in between, it doesn’t much matter… because whatever it is, it is no doubt very real and present in the collective consciousness. And its presence here has a purpose. The impact it has on us is real.

Perhaps for the first time in the history of humanity, everyone on the planet is sharing in the same experience. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, what passport you carry, what color your skin is, or which country you live in, you are affected by COVID-19. If you are here now, there will be a bright line in your life journey, marking the “before” and “after.”

It’s true that people are dying and people are suffering. But then, there have always been people dying and people suffering in the world. By itself, this is really nothing new. We’re just not used to the dying and suffering going around, touching everyone, and being so freaking indiscriminate about “who we are.” Our privilege offers no special immunity. This complete lack of consideration is why this thing has our attention now.

And then there are the heroes who are delivering our food, picking up our garbage, and working long shifts in the hospital, putting their lives at risk to take care of others. Again, this is nothing new. Those people have always been there too, humbly and quietly serving. We’re just not used to noticing them. We suddenly see them now because we are so dependent on them.

With social distancing, we see how the defense of our personal freedoms may threaten others’ health and safety. This is also nothing new. We have always made these kinds of decisions. We have always been choosing what serves “me” versus “we.” We’re just not used to seeing this with such glaring clarity. It’s never been so obvious, how little we usually consider the unseen millions who are affected by the ripples of our actions, until now.

We are seeing how connected we are, and how interdependent we are as a global human family. This is no longer some woo-woo spiritual concept of oneness. It is our grounded, present-moment reality, as the inhabitants of these vulnerable, fragile human bodies. The fear we have of our own (rather insignificant) individual death is not only natural, it is actually useful. This fear of death is forcing us to take a global “time out.” It is calling us to a shared moment of deep reflection. As we get more and more restricted in our outer freedom, we have no choice but to find inner liberation.

We are pressed to redefine for ourselves what family really means. We are seeing the true colors of our leaders. We are confronted with the cracks in our economic structures. We are faced with the weaknesses in our healthcare systems. We are humbled to remember that as travelers, we are guests. We are coming to the realization that the house of cards we’ve built on greed and growth-addiction is crumbling… that it *must* crumble.

Yet we can only reshape the outer world by doing our inner work first. Those who rage that “saving capitalism is not worth risking lives” might consider a more nuanced, self-reflective approach, and examine whether they’ve ever bought anything, owned anything, or sold anything in their lives. Blaming the system and pointing to politicians will not free us. We need to free ourselves first, so we can create a new system.

Mother Earth is asking for a moment to breathe. Let’s breathe with her so we can feel what she needs. Now is the moment to connect with what’s next. I believe that in the new paradigm that’s now emerging, the economic ecosystems that we build will mirror and support natural laws and cycles, expanding the abundance of Life for everyone… instead of merely extracting blood from Life to feed a few of our own. #RegenerativePurpose

Truth is being revealed. And we are forever changed by this experience. Life is loving us back to Life. Back to balance. Back to integrity. Back to beauty.

It’s the end of many things that we hold familiar and dear, and it’s not going to be an easy change for us… but it also doesn’t need to be so traumatic.

We can let the hard lessons that we’re learning right now settle more gently by caring for each other.

In the end, what I want to say is this: If you’ve been feeling uncomfortable with all the uncertainty, me too. No one is immune.

I feel you. I love you. May you be peaceful. May you be well.


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