Destroying the (idea of) competition

There are lots of things that are being shed and buried during these change times. One thing that I’d be happy to leave behind in the “before” is the idea of competition. Competition is an old-paradigm concept. Because competition is rooted in scarcity.

Competition is based on the idea that there are not enough customers, not enough clients, not enough followers, not enough students, not enough projects, not enough resources… and we need to compete to fight over the limited supply to make sure “we get ours.”

When we’re connected to the supporting web of life, we know there’s always enough. In fact, when we tap into abundance, we start to “need” a lot less in the material dimension, and we begin to overflow with generosity and a deep desire to lift up others.

In the new paradigm, the people and businesses that we might have seen as threats to our success before, now become part of our support network. Those offering similar things, or those sharing similar messages, they are members of our purpose team… they are nodes in the global grid of transformation that we are participating in.

These people and businesses are not our COMPETITORS; they are actually our COLLEAGUES. We are all on the same team, all working to serve the same higher purpose.

I can share one real-life example that is related to my online eco-glitter biz GLITTEREVOLUTION.

For a while now, I’ve had the practice of referring certain wholesale customers to EcoSparkles, my sister company (in old-paradigm language, my competitor) in Denmark.

EcoSparkles “glitter mom” Nanna and I have never met face-to-face, but we have many friends and community in common. I know her to be a heart-led entrepreneur of the highest integrity. And I know that her eco-glitter products are 100% legit.

That’s nice. But why would I send potential business to another company instead of making the sale myself? In the old paradigm, this would be considered insanity. The reason is because these particular retailers who reached out about distributing my products were based in Europe. And my biodegradable glitter business operation is based in California, where my mom does all of the mixing, packaging and shipping. Supplying product to these wholesale customers would mean having to regularly ship boxes of products by plane across the ocean.

As a company that’s advocating for ecological awareness and care for the planet, it makes absolutely zero sense to be shipping products from California to Europe, when these customers have a perfectly good option located much closer to them. It would be counter-purpose for me to accept that business when I can refer it to a more local company, who can serve the same need with less carbon footprint. I am more aligned in my purpose by giving those customers away.

May we all rise together. #RegenerativePurpose