How to break up with Amazon

The last week of April 2020 is when my two-decades-long relationship with Amazon started to rapidly unravel and then implode. As a self-published author with a book on their platform, I became aware of some business practices of theirs, which pushed an already tenuous connection with them into the zero-tolerance zone. Last month, I wrote an essay on my own reasons for deciding to break up with Amazon.

For my birthday on May 7, I invited my Facebook friends to gift me their own commitment to divest from Amazon… whether that meant cancelling their Amazon Prime membership, resolving to buy from them less often, or flat-out boycotting Amazon altogether.

A few courageous and enthusiastic friends commented on my public wall, “I’m with you!” A much, much larger number stayed silent. A handful confessed to me in private messages, “I don’t think I can quit Amazon, I’m so addicted,” or “The idea of leaving Amazon gives me anxiety.”

If you want to break up with Amazon — or at least, gently wean yourself from dependency on them — here are a few practical steps you can take.

Cancel your Prime membership

The cost: You may experience withdrawal symptoms as you start to break free from the grip of you consumption addiction.

The benefit: You will end up buying a lot less sh*t that you don’t actually need simply because it’s oh-so-easy to swipe and click. You will have more money in your bank account and less clutter in your house.

Go direct to the manufacturer

The cost: You can expect to pay something to cover the shipping costs for your item and in most cases, you will wait longer to receive your product.

The benefit: More of your money goes to the manufacturer of the product. None of your money goes to Amazon.

Find a local business to buy from instead

The cost: You may spend more money, time, and energy in the process of obtaining the object of your desires.

The benefit: You are much more intentional about what you buy. Your economic power goes into feeding your local economic ecosystem and supporting flourishing small businesses. You build relationships with the people who live and work in your community.

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