The job is writing, not righting

I recently learned that it’s part of my Human Design to have strong opinions about things and share those opinions.

And at the same time, my inner child has this strong desire for everyone in the tribe to like me. Go figure.

I’ve often thought life would be easier for me if I could stay quiet. Then I wouldn’t have to suffer separation from being misunderstood, rejected, or vilified. But it’s hard for me to keep my thoughts to myself.

Over the years, I’ve had many tense discussions with people over things that I’ve written, and at least one major friendship rupture.

I’m still learning to navigate all of this with more grace.

I have discovered that by being less attached to my point of view, I feel less attacked when people disagree with me. And, I’m learning to accept that becoming an object of projection for others — whether it’s rebelling against perceived authority or subconsciously seeking parental approval — is inevitable. This is just part of the deal when I choose to activate my digital avatar to broadcast a message.

I deeply believe in what I’m sharing about, whether it’s Regenerative Purpose or Enneagram or COCO Relating. And, when I zoom out to take a higher perspective, it’s easy to see how we naturally see things differently.

My friend and I can be sitting at the same table, and looking at the same exact bowl of salad. From where I sit, it looks like the salad is mostly cabbage. From her viewpoint, it looks like the salad has a lot of onions. Neither of us is wrong. We’re looking at the same bowl of salad from different angles.

So here I am, writing. I know writing is a big part of my sacred purpose. I also know it’s not my responsibility (duty, or burden) to be “righting” any perceived wrongs.

The reason I choose to show up to share words in this virtual space is to inquire and inspire, not to shun or shame.

If you choose not to buy Palo Santo anymore because it’s a slow-growing Amazonian hardwood, I love you. And if you choose to burn Palo Santo for its magical, medicinal properties, I love you.

If you choose to stop laminating your event posters because you don’t want to create single-use plastic pollution, I love you. And if you choose to laminate to extend poster lifespan, I love you.

If you choose to opt out of money gifting circles because you see them as problematic from an economic ecosystem view, I love you. And if you choose to join these circles because you personally get benefit, I love you.

We all have different priorities, different perspectives, and different processes. Let’s love all of this and let’s love all of us.

Purpose pathlight. Conscious biz coach. New paradigm pioneer. Author, speaker and activist for Regenerative Purpose.