Using the Enneagram in the process of awakening

The three phases of Enneagram work

  1. Recognition. The first phase of our work with the nine points of the Enneagram is about noticing and naming the patterns that are keeping us stuck. In this phase, we start to see ourselves more clearly. We use typology as a tool to help us observe ourselves: our desires, our fears, and our fixated patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. Here, what was once unconscious becomes conscious, in the light of awareness.
  2. Liberation. Once our ego fixations are known to us, the second phase of work is releasing ourselves from those patterns. This is where we break free from the limitations of identification by coloring outside the lines of comfortable self-concepts. We engage our conscious mind in making a new and different choice from whatever is “usual” for us — a willful act of rebellion against our habitual ways of being and doing.
  3. Integration. The third phase is a bit more difficult to describe. This is where we complete the full circle of the transformational process and we return to the starting point with a higher-level understanding of self and reality. We are not trapped by our type, and we are not trying to be our not-type. In this phase, the nine types dissolve. We return to the realm of the formless, where there is no longer any tension between enacting this pattern or not enacting this pattern. The type distinctions blur and converge as we embody the wholeness that includes everything.

Recognition (points 9/0 to 3)

Liberation (points 3 to 6)

Integration (points 6 to 9/0)

Being consumed by three cosmoses

  • I was immature: In the Recognition phase, we are largely dwelling in the lower cosmos of our pre-conscious programming. The inner work journey of the Enneagram begins here as we start to see patterns and learn to catch ourselves in the act of acting them out. Here we observe ourselves as we are and make meaning from what we have seen the past.
  • I was mature: In the Liberation phase, we enter the middle cosmos, where higher and lower cosmoses meet. Here we go through the fire of inner transformation, as we learn to move from presence rather than from our programming. Crossing the chasm of inner conflict from point 4 to point 5, we see the ideal become real. We experience the unfolding of reality as a collaboration between higher will and personal choice.
  • I was consumed: As we enter the phase of Integration, we move into the realm of timelessness. In this third and final phase, it’s no longer about analyzing the past, or even making choices in the present. Here we exist beyond time; our individual identities melt and we surrender to alignment with higher consciousness.




Purpose pathlight. Conscious biz coach. New paradigm pioneer. Author, speaker and activist for Regenerative Purpose.

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Wendy May

Wendy May

Purpose pathlight. Conscious biz coach. New paradigm pioneer. Author, speaker and activist for Regenerative Purpose.

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